How to Upload Files Larger Than 300 MB to Cloudflare R2 Using CyberDuck

Websites & Domains • Ryder Cragie • 8th November 2023Article Short Link:


If you use Cloudflare R2 for object storage, you may want to upload files that are larger than 300 MB. The Cloudflare Dashboard doesn't allow this, however you can use any third party app that is compatible with the Amazon S3 API. CyberDuck works for me, so here's the steps for how to use it with R2 to upload files larger than 300 MB.

Generating a Cloudflare R2 Token

Connecting to R2 Using CyberDuck

Now you have created your API Token, which you can find details for at, you can use this to connect to R2 using CyberDuck. 


Now you can upload files larger than 300 MB to Cloudflare R2. If you have any issues, feel free to join the Cloudflare Discord server to discuss any problems or questions!