How to Set Any Song as Your Ringtone on an iPhone or iPad Using GarageBand

Apple • Ryder Cragie • 27th June 2022


If you'd like to set a custom ringtone or text tone on your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps to do so.

Downloading the Track

To download the track, you can either use an online YouTube to MP3 converter to save the video as an audio-only file, or you can also download an app designed for downloading ringtones. There are many options available on the App Store. Make sure you save the file inside of the "Files" app. Once, you have the audio track downloaded, you can move on.

Getting the Track Ready to Be Set as Your Ringtone or Text Tone

  1. Download, install and open GarageBand here.

  2. Open GarageBand from the Home Screen.

  3. Swipe left through the options until you see "Audio Recorder", and tap it.

  4. Tap the option with 3 lines in it at the top left.

  5. Tap the loop icon at the top right.

  6. You will now be presented with a dropdown where you can choose the audio file you downloaded earlier. You can either tap the "Files" tab and then "Browse items from the Files app", or you can tap the "Music" tab and choose a song from Apple Music.

  7. Once you have chosen and selected the file or song, it will appear in the dropdown you opened via the loop icon. Now you can then press and hold the file, and then drag it towards the top left of the GarageBand track to add it to your project.

Setting the Track as Your Ringtone or Text Tone

  1. Tap the square document icon at the top left to exit the project, and then you'll see a Files-app-style view where you'll see all of your GarageBand projects.

  2. Press and hold the project you just created, which will most likely be called "My Song", and then choose "Rename", then give it a distinctive name.

  3. Now, press and hold the project again and tap "Share".

  4. In this dialog box you will see a "Ringtone" option right in the middle. After tapping this option, you will be prompted to choose if you want this to be your ringtone or text tone for all contacts, or just a specific set of contacts. After you've made your choice, it will automatically be set up for you.

  5. You can now go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics, choose a category under the section titled "Sounds and Haptic Patterns" and change the sounds there. You can swipe to the left on any one of the custom ones you've added to delete them.


Done! You have now set up a custom ringtone or text tone on your iPhone or iPad!

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