How to Host a Website From Your Synology NAS to Your Own Public Domain With Web Station & Cloudflare

Websites & Domains • Ryder Cragie • 20th February 2024Article Short Link: Short Link:


In this article I will demonstrate how you can self-host a website to host from your Synology NAS and have it accessible on any public domain that you own.

Installing Synology Web Station

Adding Files To Web Server & Testing They Are Accessible

Configuring Web Station For External Domain

Web Service Setup

Web Portal Setup

Installing Docker

Cloudflare Tunnel Setup Using Docker

If you choose "HTTPS" you will need to click on "Advanced application settings" and enable "No TLS verify".

Production/Public Domain Testing

Try visiting your domain and the site should now be publicly visible, with all paths showing relevant pages with no errors.


Now you know how to self host a website from your Synology NAS. If you have any issues, feel free to join the Cloudflare Discord server or the Synology subreddit to discuss any problems or questions!