How I Lost Access to My Facebook Account

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Late 2021: This article is now very outdated and I no longer need access to my old Facebook account. I moved onto a new account a while ago and managed to regain access to some of my groups and pages.

August 2022: I have now decided to leave Facebook altogether on my own accord. Read more here.

I had many groups and pages on Facebook, and then Facebook took it all away from me by completely banning my account. I spent a lot of time working on these groups and pages, and I was always maintaining them to give everyone the best possible experience. The page likes added up to more than 1,000 and group members over 3,000. For now, I am using a 2nd account (now primary).

Facebook was very blunt when they removed my account from the platform. They didn’t give me a good enough explanation to as why they made this decision. All they said is that it was because I violated one of their “Community Guidelines”, but that could mean lots of different things. All I try and do is help people out in the community and I can’t see anything I could’ve done wrong to deserve this.

I tried to get them back and I was sending them all the verification photos they asked for, including a birth certificate and a Visa bank card, and my face when they eventually asked for that too via email, which I also sent, but they didn’t accept it and they have now permanently closed my account and it “cannot be reviewed” anymore. All the verification I sent them is accepted as stated on their website here.

If I had to guess what I did to have my account banned, I would think it's because they think I'm a robot and not real because I am very active on Facebook. But what they should understand but seemingly don't, is that I am only using their platform for its intentions. To be clear, this doesn't mean that I didn't violate their guidelines because I very well may have, but one of the most annoying parts of all of this is that they won't tell me what I did wrong!

What annoys me, even more, is that there are scammers on Facebook. I see the Telegram scam links posted quite often but Facebook thinks that's acceptable because when I report them I just get a response from their automated systems saying they allow it and aren't willing to remove it! But banning me for no apparent reason really doesn't add up!

If Facebook would rather fill their platform with scammers and spammers instead of people like me, they can crack on. But I would at least like an explanation to as why this happened, and I would like to retrieve admin rights to my lost pages and groups again which I put years of effort into.

I also got an account warning recently on this 2nd account (now primary) because I updated a description in a group by adding a full stop to the end of it. The description had nothing in it which could possibly go against their misleading and nonsensical community standards.

Also, before someone says you're not allowed to have more than one Facebook account, I have seen their help article and it states that you cannot "maintain more than one personal account". I wasn't and I'm still not "maintaining" more than one Facebook account. I don't have access to my 1st one, and my 2nd one (now primary) didn't exist until after my 1st one was banned.

I wish there was a way to contact Facebook so they would actually read this article, take it into consideration and hopefully do something about it, but unfortunately, there isn't.

Thanks for reading.

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