Random Watch Face Shortcut

Here’s how to get a random Apple Watch face every hour:

iOS 14 required

1) Download this Shortcut.

2) Go into the Shortcut actions and change all of the Apple Watch actions to your watch faces (the order doesn’t matter because it’s random either way).

3) Set the Shortcut to run every hour (or whatever time period you want) via the automation tab at the bottom of the Shortcuts app.

Here are some extras you get with this Shortcut (thanks to Mark Deaves for creating the file management system and Rhys Boyce for making it work properly for new users):

If you go to the Files app and go to “/Shortcuts/Random Number/LOG.txt” you’ll see there’s a log file which shows every time the Shortcut has run.

You’ll also see a “Last number” file in here, this is quite complicated so feel free to read on if you’re very skilled with Shortcuts.

The Shortcut works by randomly generating a number and depending on what number is picked, it’ll change your Apple Watch face, as you’ll see if you go into the shortcut actions.

The “Last Number” file is there so the same number as before won’t be picked again the next time, this way you will always see a new watch face every time the Shortcut runs.

The file gets overwritten every time the Shortcut runs - and it gets read by the Shortcut every time, if it matches the file, being the last number what was picked the last time the Shortcut ran, it’ll re-run the Shortcut for you.

The “LOG.txt” file will also say “Error!” If the same number as the previous one was picked, at this point the Shortcut re-runs so that you get a different number.