Deactivating My Facebook and Instagram Accounts

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I have left Facebook and Instagram and I am not coming back.

Why have you left?

  1. I prefer Twitter. I've been using Twitter for the last month or so, and my account has been growing very quickly. I have gained 150 followers in a month. I have also been using Facebook much less since this. Every time I load it up, it seems boring compared to Twitter.

  2. The Facebook police are too strict for my liking. Those of you who know me will be aware that they removed one of my posts that contained a link to my Facebook groups because it apparently went against their Community Standards on "adult sexual solicitation", even though the website contained nothing of the sort. They also banned me for no apparent reason.

  3. Facebook and Instagram are both very buggy and inconsistent, mostly Facebook though. To be quite frank, I am fed up of the constant errors, glitching and things just not working in general.

  4. I hate Reels with a passion, and considering they are shoved down your throat constantly, it gets quite frustrating β€” at least for me. As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I would see a horizontally scrollable section appear containing Reels, so I'd click the three dots and then choose "Hide". But it would continue to appear anyway.

  • Yes, I enjoy uploading YouTube Shorts (which are similar to Reels) because they tend to end up with a lot of views and they're great for growing your YouTube channel. However, I hate watching Reels and Shorts, and creating Reels does not appeal to me at all. I also hate TikTok if you can't tell already. Yes, I have tried it.

Why do you prefer Twitter?

There is a very large tech community on Twitter, and it is more tailored towards my age group which I prefer. When something is posted on Facebook, it seems there has to be a substantial reason to as why that post exists, and it doesn't strike "conversations" (at least for me) like Twitter does.

On Facebook, I see the odd post from my family, and people asking for tech help.

On Twitter, I can casually ask a question/write a statement about anything (not specifically tech), it'll get 10-50 likes and I'll get plenty of answers/responses β€” it's easier to strike a conversation. I see tech-related Tweets (not specifically asking for help) and a wide variety of other topics I don't tend to see on Facebook.

Since Twitter is ran by a completely different company, they don't use the same CRAP (Computer Recognised Automatic Procedure) system as Facebook. So they don't take content down for silly reasons as they don't have meaningless, misleading, and nonsensical rules. You can actually have a normal chat with people without being worried about getting told off.

What about your Facebook Groups and Pages?

Well, it's pretty simple β€” they have been given new owners. I no longer have anything to do with them, or the corresponding website.

Will you keep your account deactivated, or will you eventually delete it?

I will keep it deactivated, as opposed to deleting it, in case I need to log back in to retrieve photos, get information from past posts, or review an important post I may have heard about elsewhere. I also have some other Facebook pages, including Camp Fox and Oak Camp which will need to remain maintained.

Will you continue to manage your other Instagram accounts?

Yes. I have many other Instagram accounts, including Camp Fox, Bell Tent Camping, Oak Camp and Apple News which will need to remain maintained. Although I don't use them much, I do like to know I've got access incase I ever need to update something, or fix the bot on the Apple News account, for example.

Will you continue using Messenger?

Yes. I use Messenger to communicate with almost everyone, and it is a very good platform in my opinion. While Twitter has direct messaging capabilities, it isn't very good for quite a few reasons:

  1. It does not have the ability to send multiple photos and videos at once.

  2. You cannot unsend messages.

  3. It does not support inline replies.

  4. It runs in the same app as Twitter itself, so I could easily miss a message amongst my other Twitter notifications in Notification Centre. It would take me a while to see any messages.

Have you updated the social media icons on your website?

Okay, none of you asked this β€” but I'll tell you anyway.

Yes, I have. I've shuffled them around and removed/added some to reflect these new changes. You can see this on my home page, and also in the footer at the bottom of another page such as the one you're on right now (scroll down).


If you have any further questions, please feel free to send me a message on Messenger or email me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.